This map is set in one of the various vertical wind tunnels used to cool the Green Slime (aka Goo) which is the waste product produced by this vast Power-Plant; trusted to give juice to the Countless mines scattered all over the Nali Planet such as Rrajigar; by far the most important mine because of the high profits gained. But after the Liandri takeover of the Skarjj mining corporations several of these wind tunnels were converted into arenas for the Tournament. [Unreal Death Fan map remake to UT3]

This is a map I done some months ago but I didn't released back then because was to be part of a mappack that I was and still developing under the Team HyperGames2K8 called "Unreal G-old School" but I figured out that would be better to release map by map and then compile the maps all together in a mappack when done. This way is better also because I will get feedback so I can polish better the maps.


The Trimm Texture were made by me from source photo I got in CG Textures and made
Seamless in Photoshop, The remaining Materials are retail.
The Fan meshe were modeled by me in 3DsMax.
The Music was taken from Unreal remake for UT2004.


Tempus: Map Creator

DeltaStrium: Testing & Publishing