Located beneath the Nali Castle; the Catacombs once a place of cult and faith. But during the Skarjj Invasion this very same place was used to torture the Poor Nali people, but those infamous events lay in the past. In the present day we live in peace and so this place is now used as a Tournament Venue after undergoing a complete reconstruction trusted only by Liandri's Technicians. Map developed under DeltaStrium Team. Remake from the Unreal Map with the same name.

This is a map I done some months ago but I didn't released back then because was to be part of a mappack that I was and still developing under the Team HyperGames2K8 called "Unreal G-old School" but I figured out that would be better to release map by map and then compile the maps all together in a mappack when done. This way is better also because I will get feedback so I can polish better the maps.


Retail textures.
Wood texture from CG Textures webpage and made seamless with Photoshop by me.
Metalic trim texture from UT2004 and i made the detail material maps.
2 textures from Unreal Gold (textures used on wall decos)

Static Meshes

All done by Tempus on 3DsMax directlly inspired in the original structure and theme
of the original map.


Remake of the Unreal stomp for Unreal Gold to Unreal Tournament 3.
Original Author: Warren Marshall.

Tempus: Map Creator

DeltaStrium: Testing & Publishing