Creature Diversity


What this mod does is to add new creatures to the existing Leveled Lists. It doesn't add new spawn points, it doesn't remove any spawn points or leveled lists - it only adds to the existing ones, extending them with new creatures. The models and textures are created by various artists, so a big thank you to everyone who have created these fantastic resources! 

The mod is "lore-friendly" in the way that it doesn't add anything to the world that couldn't exist in this world, most are found in the lore with the exception of a few, but again, those could exist, and most of the creatures added are new types of existing creatures, like the wolf and the bear, zombies and skeletons, etc. - the full list of added creatures is found below.

Creature Diversity adds new rats, Argonian Zombies, Dark Elf Zombies, High Elf Zombies, Orc Zombies, Argonian Skeletons, Khajiit Skeletons, Foxes, Minotaurs, Rabbits, Bats, Durzogs, Boars, Wolves, Ogres, Goblins, Black Trolls, Brown Trolls, Polar Bears, Skeletons with helmets, Spriggans, Golems, Elementals, Mud Crabs, Dogs, Spiders, Mummies, Ghouls, Banshees, Shalk Beetles, Glowing Oozes, Red Fungus, Necrotic Sludges, Giant Wasps, Sea Dreugh, Lamia, Water Dragon Plants, Dolphins, Whales, "Living" Zombie Arms, Spider Daedra, Female Liches and Undead Knights!

If you already have version 1.10.x installed, use the UPDATE file to get the latest version, if any.


This mod is incompatible with most Mods that alters Creature Leveled Lists (i.e OOO, MMM, etc). However, if using any of these mods, you can make them compatible by using the Bashed Patch in Wrye Bash.


Extract all archive content to your Oblivion Data folder.


Delete 'Creature Diversity.esp' from your data folder, along with the following folders:

TexturesCreature Diversity

MeshesCreature Diversity


To remove Spiders from the Leveled Lists, download the Arachnophobia patch as well as the main file, and load it after Creature Diversity.esp.


You can contact me through E-Mail (, on NexusMods (Zaldiir) or on any of the following websites/forums (Zaldir): Bethsoft Forums, Dark Creations, Great House Fliggerty, TES Alliance, Planet Elder Scrolls