Gold Horse Courier


This mod allows the player to do delivery jobs for the new Gold Horse Delivery Service. 

In every major city you can find 7-9 jobs (randomly selected each time) that you can deliver locally (that's over 60 jobs locally). 

After an advancement in the courier business you can deliver inter-city packages from branch to branch for more money, and then finally after that you can deliver supplies to some of the inns in Tamriel.

It also features a fully voice-acted main-quest, with multiple endings!


Open Cities:

Not Compatible. Open Cities changes which cell things are in, so these mods are currently not compatible.


Better Cities:

Gold Horse Courier is integrated into Better Cities, so make sure to only have one of the mods active at any time. Also be sure to always use the latest version of Better Cities!


Oblivion Adventurers Guild:

Use the DJ-OAG Patch along with both mods, loading the patch AFTER both delivery_job.esp and OAG.esp.



Extract all archive content to your Oblivion Data folder.


Delete 'delivery_job.esp' from your data folder.


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