Name: HyperUnreal2k4

version: 2.0

Compatability: UT3

Description: HyperUnreal2k4 offers the possibility to tweak most movement abilities of the players, and some other options about weapons. The default tweaks make the game a bit faster, more UT2004-like. It also brings back adrenaline and combos from UT2004.
The mutator is configurable from the UT3 mutators menu.
It is possible for scripters to create their own combos. See the sources included for this. As said in HU_ComboBase, don't forget to add any custom combo manually in the mutator's known combos.

Booster. Slightly increases your health, and then your shield if health is at maximum.
Moves: Backward 4 times
Speed. Makes you much faster. Increases your jumping height too.
Moves: Forward 4 times
Berserk. Increases your shooting rate.
Moves: Forward 2 times, backward 2 times
Invisibility. Turns you invisible.
Moves: Rightward 2 times, Leftward 2 times 

How To Install

Extract the UTGame Folder to your...My documentsMy GamesUnreal Tournament 3 folder Important notes: Tested online. The adrenaline feature doesn't work in multiplayer, sorry for that.(will be fixed in v3.0 Bot support, also for adrenaline and combos (though they're not very strategic, mostly use Booster). Important: the combos use the default WSAD movement keys, and will not use your own bindings!! If you're not using these keys for movement, do the following: Open My docsMy GamesUnreal tournament 3UTGameConfigUTHyperUnreal2k4.ini (not UTHyperUnreal2k4_Cont.ini!!!) You should find the following in the end of the file: [HyperUnreal2k4.HU_Adrenalinteraction] ForwardKey=W BackwardKey=S LeftKey=A RightKey=D After each '=', you can see the WSAD keys. Replace each one by whatever you want.